Web Appearances

Web Appearances

Web ‘Appearances’

To discover interviews that have appeared on the web click on the following links. These interviews have more detail about Rachel’s writing process, the books she loves, and the origins of Harlequin’s Riddle.

Louise J Allen: Writers in the Attic 5/6/17

On why becoming a published author was a sad time.

HNSA Blog 12/6/17

How does history fit with Harlequin’s Riddle?

Backstory Journal  15/6/17

A review of Harlequin’s Riddle.

Sophie Masson: Firebird Feathers 16/6/17

Elizabeth Jane Corbett 28/8/17

Writing historical fantasy – how much history, how much fantasy?

DarkSide DownUnder  23/12/17

Romantic aspects of the story.

The History Girls with Gillian Polack 2/1/18

Musings on the impact of history on historical fiction.

Boomerang Books’ Round-up of Top Reads for 2017 

Review of Harlequin’s Riddle by Isobel Blackthorn 10/2/2018

An outstanding, insightful review that picks up on the esoteric themes within the book.

You can also find out more at Rachel’s author web pages: