Welcome to Tarya

Welcome to Tarya

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The Tales of Tarya is a Young Adult fantasy trilogy about the gift of creativity and where it can take you. The story begins with Harlequin’s Riddle, continues with Columbine’s Tale and concludes with Pierrot’s Song.

The story is set in Litonya, in a world reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance. This is a place where artists are revered and creativity is treasured. Story tellers, travelling players* and other artists and performers populate this world. Through their gifts they are able to reach Tarya, a mystical place that lies between the earthly and heavenly realms.

Tarya is a place of dreams, wonder and magic, a place where those who can create, can change the world. But as Mina learns the extent of her powers in this other realm, she also uncover’s Tarya’s dark side. And she is not the first person to make this discovery. Although her journey begins with a quest to find her brother, she soon discovers there is an even greater mission waiting for her – to stop the devastation being caused by a rogue player.

* To receive a short story about Mina’s lost stories, follow the link on the side of the page.

* To learn about the travelling players, the Commedia dell’Arte, start here.

Mandala: Journeys within the Circle is a non-fiction book in collaboration with mandala artist Karen Scott. Fully illustrated in colour, it explores the power of mandalas to transform and illuminate.

Rachel Nightingale

About Rachel

Rachel Nightingale was a highly imaginative child who used to pretend she was wandering the woods looking for adventures on her way home from school. Once she understood creating stories gave her magical powers she decided to become a writer. She is the author of the Tales of Tarya series (Odyssey Books): Harlequin’s Riddle, Columbine’s Tale and Pierrot’s Song. An award-winning playwright, her short plays have been performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Manila and she co-wrote the script for Murder on the Puffing Billy Express, which is performed on a vintage steam train and attracts audiences from around the world. With composer Andrew Perkins she has written a musical version of Aristophane’s The Birds, which was premiered at the Auckland Town Hall by Bach Musica NZ. Having survived improv theatre, traveled the world and immersed herself endlessly in research and creative practice, she often finds herself at the mercy of stories that demand to be written.

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