Pierrot’s Song

Pierrot’s Song

Go once more unto the breach with Tarya’s travelling players as they make magic, uncover secrets, and find all that’s been lost. A daring tale of family, danger and revelation, Pierrot’s Song is an elegant and bewitching end to Nightingale’s wonderful trilogy.

~ Angela Slatter, author of the World Fantasy Award-winning The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings

The travelling players of Litonya have destroyed many lives by manipulating the mystical realm of Tarya, and Mina has discovered her brother is one of their victims. Although she is determined to stop them, her hopes for help from the Council of Muses have been dashed. The only possibility for healing lies in a journey to the heart of Litonya, and into a past long lost to history.

When ancient stories give up their forgotten secrets, a path forward begins to appear. But love and talent are pushed to their limits as Mina and her companions come face to face with an enemy who has finally stepped out of the shadows.

Pierrot’s Song is the riveting conclusion to the Tales of Tarya series, a Young Adult fantasy trilogy about the gift of creativity and where it can take you.

Featuring the beloved characters of the Commedia dell’Arte, Harlequin, Pierrot and Columbine, this is the first book in an original fantasy series by Rachel Nightingale. If you loved The Night Circus you will love Harlequin’s Riddle. Published by Odyssey Books.

Whilst Sofia sat nearby, perhaps furiously seeking in her store of stories for a way forward, Luka let his mind go, imagining himself soaring over the land below, wheeling with the breezes, catching updrafts then floating downwards with easy grace. All unaware, he began humming. It was a simple tune, a child’s tune. Luka had not had much of a childhood. He had grown up fast, living by his wits on the streets of Aurea. There had been little time for games. But he had always loved music, long before he came to perform melodies onstage, and this song was lodged in his memory from a time before his mother died – before his father sent him out to earn his bread.

Sofia’s eyes snapped into focus. She turned her intense gaze on Luka.

‘Sing it again.’