What are people saying about The Tales of Tarya? Here are some of the reviews from the web.

Reviews of Harlequin’s Riddle

“Nightingale has penned a unique and exquisite tale that deserves to be widely known, a story with a depth of awareness and understanding that will hold special appeal to those with an interest in alternative spiritualities. In the final analysis, Harlequin’s Riddle a work of intelligence and refinement that I can only compare to an Ursula le Guin, with overtones of Umberto Eco in theme but not in compositional style. A visionary fiction masterpiece.” ~ Isobel Blackthorn, author, A Perfect Square

“This book weaves together the Commedia dell’Arte form of theatre, bits of history and fantasy into one of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Mina has an amazing talent for storytelling, which means so much more than she realises. Leaving her small town, she sets off with a troupe of travelling actors in the hope of finding her missing brother, who left with a similar troupe ten years earlier. Ahead of her, is adventure and intrigue as she discovers that her storytelling ability can lead her to the amazing realm of Tarya. I am so looking forward to the remaining books in this trilogy.” ~ George Ivanoff, author of the Other Worlds and You Choose series

“‘Harlequin’s Riddle’ has an involving charm based on a homage to storytelling and performers through the ages. It is also keenly observed with well created settings. Lots of historic research behind the story of the travelling players. It’s rather like an involving painting of a period in which you can lose yourself as you discover more details. I’d recommend it for those who enjoy magic realism and period fantasy.” ~ Hazel Edwards, Australian Reading Ambassador and author, There’s a Hippopotamus on my Roof Eating Cake

“Clearly written with a lot of passion, this is an impressive debut novel from a gifted storyteller. Nightingale weaves into the fabric of her novel an almost philosophical pondering about the power of creativity in all its forms.” ~ Wendy J Dunn, author, Falling Pomegranate Seeds

“The story was like a rich puzzle box, slowly unveiling its secrets and twists at a satisfying pace. This debut novel hooked me in from the first chapter with an alchemical weave of words that didn’t lift their magic once.” ~ Elizabeth Foster, author, Esme’s Wish

“This is an intense and personal fantasy that unfolds slowly as the protagonist learns about the world, about friendship, love and betrayal… We get to see a world based on the premise that our performances represent a reflection, or a shadow, an image or dreams taken from another place. We see a northern Italy where the Commedia dell’ arte is woven into the fabric of society. The world is well described and engrossing in its complexity, the characters come to life in front of us.” ~ Cary J Lenehan, author, Intimations of Evil

“This story is so rich in flavour and colour that it should be served in one of those fancy glasses and sprinkled with glitter. Yet not everything is Happy Rainbow Ponies. There is drama and danger enough to satisfy the most hardened YA reader, and Harlequin’s Riddle draws you in just as deftly as the Harlequin himself. Do yourself a favour. Go light the Coonara, Spotify some lute or harp music (I’m sure there’s some on there if you look hard enough), pour yourself a mulled goldberry wine,  and run away with the travelling folk – just for a little while. You won’t regret it.” ~ Carolyn Denman, author, Sentinels of Eden series

Reviews of Columbine’s Tale

“A rich tapestry of colour, detail, light and shadow all intricately weaved together to form a tale you can’t keep your eyes off… Nightingale expertly has us feeling spellbound as we dart in between the ‘canovaccio’ of dreams and the ethereal realm of Tarya, lost in the chase around Litonya to help our protagonist uncover some dark secrets. Her gentle language, multi-faceted characterisation, parallel storyline and built-up scenarios leave you gripped in the centre of this fine-tuned performance of purity versus wickedness, lust and betrayal, and the quest for power and immortality… Columbine’s Tale masterfully showcases Nightingale’s love of creating and the arts as it literally takes you to another world, where your soul is immersed in beauty and imagination. I loved the premise that stories heal all wounds, and ‘the greatest gift of storytellers is to find the heart of that tale’. Nightingale has certainly done that, inviting the value of creativity as a way of breathing life through the power of words. Putting on a spectacular show full of artistic and dramatic goodness, this book is an intriguing, fantastical gift to it readers.” ~ Romi Sharp, Just Kids

“I’ve read a lot of different YA fantasy series but nothing like this, ever. Rachel’s writing style is so descriptive and captivating, and the fast pace of it all meant that I was completely drawn into the story from the very first page through to the last. In this story there is a wide cast of characters who are all so complex and loveable, including the antagonists. The story telling gifts, that they all in some way entail, are so well developed, magical and fascinating. The main protagonist, Mina, is so determined and courageous but at the same time so beautifully vulnerable and as I was reading from her perspective it evoked so many feelings. I truly felt like I was right there beside her facing the challenges and celebrating in her triumphs… The third book in the Tales of Tarya Trilogy is set to release in 2019 and I can not wait to see how Mina and her friends overcome the challenges they will face next.” ~ Nikki,