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An Interview with Steampunk author Felicity Banks

An Interview with Steampunk author Felicity Banks

Felicity Banks is an Australian author with a fascinating array of books, including interactive fiction (like ‘Choose your own adventure’ but in an app), an Australian steampunk trilogy set during the gold rush, and a brand new series beginning this week, set in the magical world of Rahana (think Narnia, but with pirates). She has boundless energy for exciting ideas – her next project is ‘Murder in the Mail‘, which will begin in June/July. Felicity also lives the steampunk dream – meet her in person to see her wonderful creations! Make sure you check out her website for trailers and preview pages of all these great books!

Which writer or writers opened your eyes to the magic of storytelling and why?

Childhood is a blur of stories, but I definitely remember CS Lewis’ Narnia stories (all seven). They were fun and exciting and the kind of story that has extra meaning for me as a Christian. Plus, like all my favourite stories, it makes me feel like a stronger, more hopeful person. Certain stories have a knock-on effect of real-world joy and that series was the first to make me feel like a better version of myself.

Why do you think people need stories in their lives?

This is a question that cuts very close to the bone, because I write full-time while also working from home. As the washing piles up and our bank balance dwindles, I have to question how I spend my time. It’s been established in numerous studies that reading increases empathy, and right now there are grave injustices happening around the world simply because humans are bad at caring for other humans who are not immediately in front of them, or who are different. I hope I can write stories that make the world kinder.

What is your greatest magical power as a writer?

I love being all-knowing and all-powerful. It’s a real rush to pull stories and characters out of thin air and make them real. It’s even crazier when the stories become real to others.

Which mythic archetype or magical character most resonates with you and why?

I love heroic journeys. When I was younger I travelled a lot in Indonesia (the inspiration for my fantasy world of Rahana—my middle grade pirate trilogy begins release in February 2018) and I still love the feeling of leaving home behind and being that lighter, braver person. So any archetype about physical and emotional journeys resonates for me. You’ll notice that a lot in my books.

What themes or ideas do you find keep arising in your writing?

I usually write for young adults because it’s such an interesting time of figuring out who you are. But the process doesn’t end there. Everyone has the power to create and recreate who they are regardless of age.

My Australian steampunk fantasy young adult/crossover trilogy will be completed in 2018. The first two books are already out, and there’s excerpts and more info on my blog at https://felicitybanks.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/antipodean-queen-1-heart-of-brass/